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DC Marriage License Agent & Authorized Officiant


We're now The DC Marriage Knot




Don't have time to visit the DC marriage bureau?  Then let me do it for you. 


I will process your marriage license at the DC Marriage Bureau while you focus on things that matter most (other services also available)


This service can save you time, money, and frustration.  There is no need in risking a parking ticket, paying for a hotel, flying in early, using your leave, or traveling to DC just to get your marriage license. 


I want to be that other you, while the real you is relaxing and focusing on your wedding day. 


Now lets take a look at how much money you could possibly save.




If each of you took 4 hours off work to process your marriage license, your combined hours from work would total 8, now multiply that by your hourly salaries, add gas, travel time, parking, and maybe an unexpected parking ticket (optional).


This is what your expenditure might look like:


4 hours x 2 people = 8 hours x $88/hourly salary ($35/hour + $53/hour) = $704

2 (hours parking in DC) = $4.00 up + 1 (parking ticket) = $100 (maybe) = $104

Gas = $35.00

Marriage License = $45.00


Total cost for getting a DC marriage license = $888.00 Wow! 

Hotel stay not included in this total.



ęDC Marriage License Agent, DC marriages, DC court house, Authorized Officiant, DC Officiant, DC Minister, dc marriage license, dc marriage licenses, dc marriage bureauSo it's not about the money, you say, its about trust.


You're not going to trust your confidential information to just anyone. 


If you are finding it hard putting your confidential information (social security number, date of birth, identification) in the hands of a stranger,

I understand your dilemma. 


And that is when you should make coming to DC a road trip, a short vacation, a time for reflection, or preparation for your life changing event.


Otherwise, I can assure you that your confidential information will not be disclosed to anyone other than the clerk of the court.  


For the record; I will be the only one acting has your marriage license agent.  And I have seen my share of confidential information on many marriage licenses I handle.   


So call today!   202.253.3629


I want to be your Marriage License Agent or that other you.


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Starlene Joyner Burns, MSS

DC Marriage License Agent

Authorized Wedding Officiant












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