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How to Get Married in Washington, DC


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How can I apply for a DC Marriage License?

One or both of you, your proxy, or officiant must appear in person at the Marriage Bureau of the District of Columbia Superior Court and fill out a marriage license application.


What Do We Need to Bring with Us When We Apply?

Each party to the marriage must bring:


•Proof of age, such as a current driver’s license or passport.


•The $35 application fee (waived if you are already domestic partners in the District), and an additional $10 for the license.  if you would like a certified copy of the marriage certificate (a must have), the cost is $10. The DC Superior Court takes all forms of payment other than personal check.


Note:  it is my understanding that the certified copy of the marriage license can be used to change your name at the DMV, Social Security, school, job, etc.).  And the license given to you the day of the wedding is a keepsake.  This information was ascertained on March 26, 2010 after speaking with a DC court clerk.  However, I think this rule only applies to residence where same sex marriages are legal or recognized.


The following information is required on the license application:


•Social security numbers, addresses, and dates of birth of both parties;

•Previous marriage information (city, state, and country of each marriage and the ending status of each such as by divorce or death);


•The name of the person who is solemnizing the marriage (unless the applicants are requesting a civil service to be performed by a Superior Court official).


•Home and work telephone numbers for both parties are also requested.


The fee payment receipt is required when you pick up the license. The license must be picked up in person; licenses are not issued by mail.



Eligibility for Marriage in DC


•Be 18 years of age or older (or 16 years of age with the consent of a parent or guardian);


•Not be married to anyone else (i.e. any divorce must be final at the time of application); and


•Not be closely related by blood or marriage to one another. A person may not marry his or her grandparent, grandparent's spouse, spouse's grandparent, parent's sibling, parent, step-parent, spouse's parent, child, spouse's child, child's spouse, sibling, child's child, child's spouse, spouse's child's child, or sibling's child.


Do We Have to be District Residents to Marry in the District?


No. The District does not have a residency requirement.



Waiting Period for a DC Marriage License


There is no waiting period.


DC Marriage License Application



Who Can Perform the Ceremony?


First, any judge or justice from a court of record. Second, anyone who is authorized by a religious organization to officiate marriages – such as a minister, priest, rabbi, imam – so long as he or she is registered with the Marriage Bureau to officiate marriages.


Do We Need Witnesses?


No witnesses are required for civil ceremonies. No signature other than that of the officiant is required on the certificate.


Can We Get Married If We are Already Domestic Partners?


If you are part of a District domestic partnership, upon marrying, your domestic partnership automatically dissolves and you are simply married. If you are part of a domestic partnership or civil union from another state, the other state’s law may require you to dissolve it prior to marrying in the District. Check the other state’s law about your responsibilities and obligations relating to dissolving a legal relationship prior to marrying.



DC Superior Court Marriage Bureau

500 Indiana Avenue NW, Room 4485

Washington, DC 20001.

(202) 879-4840

Monday - Friday

8:30 am to 5:00 pm


DC Marriage License - VALID IN DC ONLY

(all marriage ceremonies must be held in the District of Columbia)


You can download the DC marriage license application with the following link:

DC Marriage License Application




Rev. Starlene Joyner Burns

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DC Marriage Officiant


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