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What is Spiritual Science?

Spiritual Science is an interdenominational religion. 

It was founded in New York City in 1923.  

It is a belief that God is omnipotent and the source of all creation. 

Its teachings are practical and can be proven.  

It teaches man to plumb the depths of his relationship with God and to himself.

It teaches that meditation as a way to spiritual growth and development by  getting in touch with your inner guidance which leads to the wisdom of God.

Spiritual Science is a lifestyle.

It is the understanding and application of the universal laws and principles.

It is a door that will unlock the truth.

Spiritual Science observes four faculties:

The ability to distinguish between truth and appearance,

The ability to value the lessons in life,

The application of: faith, self-control (thoughts and actions), perseverance, tolerance, faith, harmlessness, and  equanimity.

The love of self.



We use the Word of God for our substance, our truths, and our foundation.


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