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Fitting Petite Heads with the Latest Wig Fashion



There is a plethora of wigs for every size head in the world, except those with petite heads.  And the wigs that are marketed as petite wigs seem average to me.


The petite wigs I have found online and tried were:

1) a poor fit

2) ugly

3) expensive


And finding fashionable ones are like searching for gold in some unknown mine.  What you see  online, is not what you get in the box that arrives at your home.


So I gave up on finding a fashionable petite wig.  I think wigmakers just don't see a real market for petite heads.  They have lumped everyone in the average size head category.


While I was out shopping one day, I saw a wig that I really wanted.  Deep down, I knew  it wouldn't fit.  But the sales clerk told me "company "a" makes smaller cap wigs."   I could see on examination that the wig was too big.  But I wanted to believe her, so I purchased the wig.   Got it home, tried it on, and sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed.  It was too big. 


What was I going to do now?  I was sick and tired of  the little head - big ass wig, trip.   Yes, I was frustrated, and I used the "A" word. 


At that moment, I had a foreboding.   "Alter the wig to fit your head," were the words I kept hearing in my mind. 


So I studied the wig's construction, paused, took a sip of wine, paused again.


This was not an easy decision for me.  After all this was a new wig, I had just paid $44 (including tax) for it.  Ripping it apart and reassemble it met with an air of uncertainty.


But I had to do something, and thinking about it was not going to bring change.


So I took another sip of wine and took the plunge.  I carefully started cutting the wig into sections.    After removing the excess, I reassembled it.  Perfect fit. 


Now my petite head has a few petite wigs to wear that are the right size.  And it feels great.




I know deep within, that God did not bless me with this knowledge to keep to myself.   Therefore, I am offering an affordable service to those with petite heads who really need a petite wig that fits.



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