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In person court services are no longer provided because most landlords are unorganized, keep very poor records, and are too lenient on tenants. 


Consultation is provided for those who wish to file on their own or need help filing it.  The fee is $50/30 minutes and paid in advance of placing your call.


Keep in mind, that I am not a lawyer and will not provide legal advice.  I will only guide you on the process of filing your paperwork and answering any questions within the scope of my experience. 


If you like for me to file your paperwork for you, that can be arranged. 

Call for fee.  However, YOU WILL HAVE to appear in court to defend your case.


Use PayPal to pay your consultation fee or electronic filing fee.  I will not be liable for any errors or omissions.


Prince George's County, MD - PG Rent Court

(Rent Court Agent / Eviction Administrator)


We understand that being a landlord is not an easy job, especially, when it comes to evicting a good tenant who runs into hard times and find ways to avoid paying you.  That is why we sympathize with you.


Therefore, Another Choice Virtual Assistant Service wants to assist you (impartially) as a Prince George’s County rent court agent and eviction administrator.  We provide a  personal service that you can trust.  And we are always a phone call away.  We do not process rent court cases is mass, we represent one client at a time, making your problem our problem and your needs top priority.


What is a rent court agent / eviction administrator?

A rent court agent is a person who works on your behalf in filing the necessary (Failure to Pay and Warrant of Restitution) paperwork with the PG County Courthouse and appears in rent court on your behalf. 


An eviction administrator will help you find an eviction company and oversee the eviction  the day the eviction is scheduled.




Who needs this kind of service?

Those who do not have the time to go to court and appear before the judge nor have the time to oversee an eviction.  The person include:

Property Managers


Home Owner


What is my course of action when a tenant fails to pay?

You have two choices:

(1) not sue and let the tenant live on the property for free

(2) sue for payment. 


If you decide to sue, these are the steps involved:


·         1-2 days after you retain my services; I will file the Failure to Pay Notice,

·         1-2 weeks after that a hearing will be scheduled, if the judge rules in your favor (rent owed uncontested, tenant fails to show up), we follow the next steps for eviction.

·         4 days after the judgment (and only if the tenant does not pay you), a Warrant of Restitution can be filed.  This begins the actual eviction process.

·         6-8 weeks after the court’s decision, the sheriff’s office should contact you to schedule the date for the eviction,

·         At that point you should contact an eviction company or we can set this up for you.


Prior to the Eviction:

If you need to enter your property, you may do so provided that you have given the tenant a 24-hour written notice of your intent.




PG County Eviction Process (Eviction Day)


Kindly do not enter the property prior to the deputy’s arrival. The deputy must be the FIRST person to enter the premises on the day of enforcement.


If it is determined that you have already entered the property, the deputy will cancel your Warrant of Restitution and you will have to re-file the action with the court .


This requirement pertains to the enforcement of the warrant and is not intended to restrict your rights or other enforceable obligations.


PG County manpower requirements for evictions:

Kindly contact sheriff office for this information.


However, if the minimum required number of persons is not present the day of eviction, the sheriff can cancel the eviction. 


If the tenant moves or satisfies the judgment, please contact the sheriff's office to cancel the scheduled eviction.


Top 3 numbers you need to know:

PG District Court Clerk (301) 699-2789  

PG Sheriff’s Office Landlord Tenant Unit Scheduling Desk (301) 780-3600  

Maryland Tenant/Landlord Hotline (410) 243-6007 or (800) 487-6007


Click here for more information on Prince George’s County Evictions





Rent Court Agent Services


Failure to Pay Rent

$45/hr + (court fee [$12] and sheriff's fee [$5/lessee]) (average time 4 hours [$180])

        Continuations or postponements will incur new fees for subsequent courtroom appearance.  



File & Serve Administrator Services


Warrant of Restitution (Eviction)

$40 (sheriff's fee) + $45 online processing time (no court appearance is necessary)



Consulting Service

$45/hr meeting with you in person or by phone to discuss your case.


Eviction Administrator

$165 (my presence at the eviction site)

This fee does not include the cost of the eviction company.  However, recommendations can be provided.



Documents to be sent to me

Copy of the lease (including amendments), any correspondences pertaining to your case, and your rental license.  And prior to my working on your behalf, a Work for Hire Agreement must be signed and a $282 retainer must be received.  All payments should be made payable to Starlene Joyner Burns.



Another Choice Virtual Assistant Services is willing to represent those needing a PG County Rent Court Agent, Prince George’s County File and Serve Administrator, or on Site Eviction Administrator (Monday – Friday).


Fees are subject to change without notice.





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