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Evictions (PG County)


We know that most landlords are not business women and men, they are homeowners, just like us, who decided to rent their property while waiting for the value of it to increase.  However, most tenants think their landlord is in a better position then them. 


Good tenants are normally given a chance to redeem themselves, but those who have not demonstrated their integrity, are normally not given a break.



What you need to know as the property owner

(this information is taken from the Prince George's County MD website)

1.  Once the judge signs and issues a Warrant of Restitution, a copy will be mailed to you and the tenant.

THE ORIGINAL IS MAILED TO THE OFFICE OF THE SHERIFF. The original is the only copy enforceable. It is also at this time you will be contacted to schedule service.

Since court orders are specific, deputies will only enforce orders that reflect the true legal address of the premises.

2.  The address of your complaint and all pertinent court documents must be accurate and complete; any orders bearing even minor discrepancies in the address CANNOT be enforced.

  • The address must be clearly displayed on the property.
  • The outside of the building must be identifiable as the address on the Warrant of Restitution (eviction order).
  • If the building contains more then one residence or office, each must be clearly identified and appropriately marked.

3.  If the address is located in a remote area or the address differs from the physical location, directions to the property should be included on a separate document to assist the deputy.

  • A day time phone number and a contact person on the Warrant of Restitution is needed so a deputy can make arrangements with you to schedule an eviction.
  • Apartment complexes will need to include the name of the apartments and a number to the rental office.

4.  Once your Warrant of Restitution is Scheduled, it is important that you arrange for sufficient personnel to physically remove the tenant’s property to the nearest public roadway (businesses) or area designated by the deputy.

  • You may hire an eviction service for this task.

5.  Minimum staffing must be apparent when the deputy arrives to enforce the order.

It is important to remember that the deputy can cancel a scheduled service of the order if it is determined that the crew is insufficient or fails to meet minimum staffing requirement. You will then be required to re-file your original action in court.

Eviction Staffing Requirements

(make sure the eviction company you hire know the rules for eviction)

  • 10 persons (1 bedroom apartment)

  • 12 persons (2 bedroom apartment)

  • 15 persons (3 bedroom apartment)

  • 20 persons (single family home)

  • 25 persons (businesses)

All persons on the crew must be able-bodied and be capable of lifting heavy objects and furniture. We strongly recommend that you make thorough arrangements for a suitable crew and appropriate equipment to accomplish the task.

Entering the Property

Please do not enter the property prior to the deputy’s arrival. The deputy must be the FIRST person to enter the premises on the day of enforcement.

So have a locksmith on hand to unlock the door, just in case you key no longer works.

Evictions after Foreclosure Auctions

If the previous owners are still in the property when you purchase it, and the deed has been transferred to you; then you can start the eviction process in the PG County District Court to have them removed.  After your claim has been filed, it may take a couple of months to have them actually evicted.  So try to buy them out by offering them cash-for-keys. 

This offer should only be made if the debtor promises not to destroy your property. 

Click here to learn more


If this is a rental property and the tenants lease has not expired, then beware of their legal rights.  Click here to learn more


Recovering a Monetary Judgment for back Rent & Utilities

For more information, Click here and scroll down the page.


Another Choice Virtual Assistant Services is willing to represent those needing a PG County Rent Court Agent, Prince George’s County File and Serve Administrator, or on Site Eviction Administrator (Monday – Friday). 


However we are not lawyers.  For legal advise, please contact at real estate lawyer or search for free legal advice online.





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