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I had to visit the emergency room because the left eye lens roll into a position that was extremely painful.



Dr. Weigt removed the eye because mom did not want me to go through that pain again.  A prosthesis was put into the socket.  The total surgery including the implant ($764).  However, I rejected the implant. 



I was diagnosed with a corneal ulcer in my left eye.  The ulcer was so aggressive that it ate away at the cornea until there was no visible cornea left.  Of course I was treated with antibiotic drops and ointment. 



Then the silicone ball came out of the eye socket.  The ball was bulging out waiting for me to rub it, and of course I did oblige, until it was there no more.  This did not appear painful to mom, and there was no liquid goosing out.


The ball looked like a tiny toy black ball that could bounce.  It was so hard that it could only be penetrated by locking it down with pliers and jabbing a knife into it with all your might.   Mom gave me some pain medicine to make me comfortable. 


The next day I was taken to my new vet. This was a vet referral Mom got from the emergency room veterinarian (I went to the emergency room on 1/2007 when the lens roll around for the last time).  Dad wanted a vet that was closer to home, and Dr. Bob was more than 20 miles away.


Dr. D. removed the remaining parts of my eye socket and sewed the eyelid shut ($525). 



Days after the surgery I broke out in hives (antibiotics was too strong and caused vomiting).  The vet gave me a Benadryl shot.  She advised mom to give me oral Benadryl and keep her update on what was happening. 


5/7/07 (midnight)

Since the oral meds did not give me any relief, I had to be taken to the emergency room ($105).  There I was treated with cortisone injection followed by an oral med. 



The stitches were removed.  Mom told the vet that day that I had not been taking the antibiotics.  She ignored that, and told mom to continue giving the cortisone.  Not sure why?  Mom refused to do that, because I was no longer having any problems associated with the hive outbreak.  And of course she was aware of the affects of cortisone.



My eye looked like Mike Tyson punched it.  I had developed an abscess in the eye and it had to be drained ($375). 


So leave the eye surgery and eye care to the ophthalmologists, unless your vet have performed surgery on your pet before with no complications.


Mom did not want Dr. Weigt to perform the second eye surgery (a decision she regrets), because prior to it, she felt that Dr. Weigt did not provide her with any facts about intraocular prosthesis post-operative risk.  


This does not mean that Dr. Weigt is not a good ophthalmologist, because she has proven her skills as a dedicated member of this field.  Mom thinks that she is genuinely concern for the welfare of all animals and has enough experience to perform her job to the best of her ability.  


However, you should have her educate you about your pets ophthalmology needs.  So ask her as many questions as you can about any procedure she will perform on your pet ,and also ask about the post operative complications (if any).  Then make your final decision, because she will give you more than one option (in most cases).  So remember, one of them might only be good for a certain length of time.  Ask about that: "How long do I have to make a decision, before that option is no longer an option." 


If surgery is the only option, then you can determine if the risk of appearances are worth investing in the possibility of a second surgery or first.  Mom treated my eye with expensive topical medications for more than a year, before the medicine stop working.  My prescriptions cost about than $125/month.  She did this to help me keep my eye.  Remember that the eyes are important to humans and pets.


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Lamb and Rice Treats for Pets, dog Treats, Toy Fox Terrier, Natural Pet Treats, Eckie's treats, animal eye doctor. dogs broken leg. dog ophthalmologist


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