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I am Rev. Starlene Joyner Burns a  nondenominational  minister who was  divinely inspired to serve as an independent pastor to those of all faiths and all lifestyles.  In addition, I am the founder and director of SJB Ministries, LLC.  


Many couples today, seek a minister who respects their beliefs, relationships, and values.   Therefore, my services appeal to those from different religious backgrounds, lifestyles, and whose churches have turned away (for living together, being gay, having different faiths, being divorced, to name a few.  My ministerial training has taught me to embrace cultural and spiritual diversity openly, lovingly, and unconditionally.  And that is why I am proud to have studied four years to become a minister of Spiritual Science and and later being ordained in that faith.  Prior to that, I was ordained and active in the Christian faith. 


As a licensed minister, I am authorized to  perform weddings and other rites of passage.  And I have served Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia since 2004.  In addition, I have received authorization from the Superior Court of Washington DC and the state of Virginia for the solemnization of marriages in those jurisdictions. 


Therefore, I will travel to your ceremony site.  Your site can be a hall, home, church, park, hotel, yacht, banquet hall, garden, waterfront, etc.  I am  flexible, compassionate, ethical, and professional.  And I will work hard with you to ensure that your wedding will be memorable and your data is secure.


If you are eloping to DC, be creative and find a site that speaks about you.  For a place that offers privacy, think about reserving a location or staying at an inn or hotel that will accommodate your plans.



All marriages require a valid marriage license (from the jurisdiction in which the wedding is held).



No marriage can be performed without a marriage license.

No marriage certificate can be signed without a ceremony.


A marriage performed outside the jurisdiction in which a marriage license is issued, is deem null and void (except in some states). 







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