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About Me


I am an ordained minister of Spiritual Science, and the founder of SJB Ministries LLC. 


And I have respect for the field of cosmetology and those who have dedicated their time, energy and wisdom to understanding their profession and providing a specialty service to others.    Therefore, I will not style, wash, or cut anyone's hair or wig.


Since I am a woman with a petite head and a desire for petite wigs, I understand that there may be a need for my services.  Therefore, I am offering my services for wig modification, wig resizing, and custom fitting for synthetic wigs.  It is my intentions to share what I have learned because I'm not the only one with a petite head.


It is my preference to work with synthetic wigs because these wigs are more forgiving and can quickly regain their original style, while human hair wigs will need restyling.


Wig modification is not for every wig. 





$65 - $145 per wig 


No refunds or personal checks





Wig modification is done in person. 


Bring the wig you want altered (1 wig per appointment).  

  • Wig cap size:  small - average (only)

  • Larger cap sizes will not be considered

  • For proper fitting, your hair should already be styled the way you wear it under the  wig. 

  • Wig cap must cover your head.   This will not be done for you. 

Remember, I am not a license cosmetologist; therefore I will not be touching your hair.


Appointments:  Monday - Thursday (12 noon - 4:00 pm)


Rev. Starlene Joyner Burns



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