Rev. Starlene Joyner Burns, Spiritual Guide and Coach

to Ministers, Healers, Prophets, Prophetesses & Church Leaders


Rev. Burns is a nondenominational minister who teaches the divine principles of God through the wisdom she receives in meditation and God's Word.   After many years of serving others, divinity training, and self-transformation; she was inspired to share her knowledge and wisdom with those who find themselves in a spiritual crisis.


Rev. Burns does not always use bible scriptures in providing guidance or for excusing a problem.  She relies on the Word for spiritual substance, a deeper relationship with God, and its hidden secrets.  However, she uses many books of divine knowledge for guidance and enlightenment.  And she uses her connection with God (intuitively) and personal experience to serve those in need.  Rev. Burns knows from experience what is it like to have a spiritual gift develop and not have someone with divine knowledge to unravel the mystery.


If you are a minister, healer, prophet, prophetess who needs assistance with understanding your spiritual awakening or the metaphysical phenomena surrounding your transformation; then contact Rev. Burns.   The only thing that can stop you is fear, because Rev. Burns offers a safe place for you to disclose your secrets and be open to God.


Fee:  $125 (2 hour confidential session)



Since Rev. Burns is against the practice of sorcery, her services are not available to practitioners of black magic or to those who see or hear demons (unless under physician care).



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