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Even though the guidelines for spiritual science are embraced here, we use the Word of God for our substance, our truths, and our foundation.  The teachings of spiritual science are used only as a way to embrace who we are (acceptance) and to make peace within ourselves (inner joy) and with others (love).  They are also used to create a closer relationship with God through meditation, transformation (becoming Christ like), and healing. 




  1. Love is the foundation of all creation, the divine light that transcends all.

  2. God, the universal Creative Power, the creator and sustainer of the universe permeates all within it.

  3. The life drive of every entity aims at complete unification with God.

  4. We, as immortal spirits, are the masters of our own destiny, completely responsible for every thought, word and deed.

  5. Individual free will embodies a relationship to God's Will. Growth of awareness and spirituality is directly coupled to the increase of the role of God's Will for you.

  6. Wisdom, the secret of all religion, the power of the mysteries, and the essence of all philosophy, lies latent in  humanity, awaiting the discovery and realization of the light and power of God within.

  7. Communication with God is possible and everyone can connect with HIM. The path of wisdom, however, is seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. All things are added to us as we grow.                  

  8. Soul unfoldment is the purpose of life. Fraternal service is the way of life.

  9. The God Force is impersonal and draws all to perfection.


These guidelines have been modified for this church's purpose on 9/16/09.


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